Eli Manning, Brandon Jacobs, Osi Umenyiora. OUCH!

Bad gets worse. Heading into the season expectations were low. All the Giants needed to do was underachieve just enough so that Tom Coughling would be fired. Now, things are much much darker. The injuries have hit as hard as they ever possibly could. Manning. Jacobs. Osi.

The time to panic is now. Not because a Super Bowl dream has been derailed, but because…
The Giants were going tobe bad either way but at least they would have given you a 4 hour window to sit back and watch some football on a Sunday afternoon or Monday night. Now there is no reason to watch the team. These are very depressing times we are living in. Eli went from can he? to HE CAN! to injured he can’t in about 30 seconds. He looked ready to bust out and step up to the next level of QB. No longer. For now. Maybe he’ll try and tough it out, but why? Jacobs is not Tiki, we know. But he has to get on the field. Not happening. Osi, received a large contract he hasn’t lived up to.

The 2007 season is, I’m afraid, over before it began. New expectation: 3-13.