Things the NY Giants can improve on: DEFENSE, health

Well, the first game was pretty bad. Sure the Giants mounted a comeback, but that was only the quick strike offense and one adjustment on defense that was hours too late. The defense was pathetically embarrassing and Tony Romo had his way finding any receiver any time. Great comeback attempt by the offense, with the defense pitching in one time by actually having Gibril Wilson stay in the middle of the field for the easy interception, but overall it was like running uphill chasing something you will never have. Horrible loss.

Eli Manning was great, leading the comeback and throwing for 312 yards with 4 TDs. He hurt his shoulder on a botched 2-point conversion but he hung in there and threw another TD. The defense was so bad it wouldn’t matter if Eli went back out there. Other backbreaking injuries include: Brandon Jacobs, Osi Umenyiora, well… you could say that the three most vital pieces of the team were all injured in week 1. That is what you call a catastrophic beginning. Congrats to Wade Phillips and the Boys.

Here is a rant full of frustration. We all feel the same way. Rough beginning.