Worst defense in the league

There were big numbers in the NFL early games. Carson Palmer threw for 401 yards and 6 TDs in a loss. Marc Bulger, Derek Anderson, Jake Delhomme all had huge days passing. They must have carved up some bad defenses. Imagine if they faced the Giants.

There are indicting numbers, like Brett Favre turning the clock back to the time before he was washed up. The Giants stopped the run and forced Green Bay to pass. That led to about 200 easy first downs. The Giants secondary is horrible. The only thing worse is the linebackers at pass coverage. Maybe. It’s hard to decide what’s worse. At least Coughlin is going to be fired.

Other teams had bigger offensive days than Green Bay, but the Packers kept moving the chains and controlled the game, winning the time of possession battle by 10 minutes. The Giants are 0-2, and while everyone worried is Eli going to play or not, this season isn’t about him anymore. Nobody, not Eli Manning, not Peyton Manning, not Tom Brady, not Joe Montana can win games with a defense playing like this. Look at who is dead last on this list of points allowed per game.

And let’s remember this was Green Bay, not the Saints or Chargers. At least other teams like the Saints and Jets have been disappointing too. Solace in others misery, the story of the 2007 Giants.

Where do we go from here? I’m sure Coughlin will have excuses ready.