Goal Line Stand!

Things have improved dramatically. The worst defense in the league rose to the challenge of stopping another team, and with an assist from the Washington Redskins inexperienced signal caller Jason Campbell (and perhaps some confusing writing on page 684 of offensive coordinator Al Saunders’s playbook) the Giants survived and won a game. The 0-16 nightmare has been averted.

Other good news… The Saints are 0-3, so an expected power has fallen by the wayside.

The Bears have worse problems at QB than we can possibly imagine.

Eli made some questionable throws, such as the blindfolded heave to no man’s land, but our confidence in him should be restored.

Plaxico’s TD to win the game was amazing, shaking off the corner, blowing past Sean Taylor a.k.a. The Grim Reaper, and getting in there. The defense holding up, despite giving up a long drive, is great news.

Big win against a divisional opponent blood rival. Sunday night it’s another primetime game, this one vs. the Eagles. They are coming off a domination of the Lions with McNabb throwing for about 10,000 yards and 21 TDs on 125% passing. Pass rush boys. Pass rush. Can the Giants get to 2-2? The Cowboys have staked the early claim to best team in the division and all of the NFC. The Giants are in a transition year, but the the NFC is so bad, there could be wild card spots available. As bad as the Giants have been, here are teams that have been definitively better so far this season:



Maybe Tampa. The NFC is so bad right now, the Giants could become the third best team with a win.