Giants on the brink of NFC superiority?

This season is a weird one so far. Last weekend, the Giants played poorly in the first half before turning it on against the Jets, getting a big play from Plaxico, some help from the defense, and finally a 3 game winning streak after the season appeared to be spiraling down the drain. Ever since halftime in week 3 vs. Washington, the Giants have been arguable the best team in the NFC. Arguably! Heading into their Monday Night Football showdown against the feisty (like a dog) yet Vick-less Falcons, and in the wake of the Cowboys home turf humiliation at the hands of the mighty mighty Patriots, the question must be raised.

coughlin1114.jpgAre the Giants part of the NFC elite? It seems like only yesterday Tom Coughlin had lost the team. Tiki Barber was giggling as his co-hosts begged him to do charity work and return to the team he once abandoned. Now, Coughlin’s leadership has got the team through the rough times, and the only squads clearly ahead of them are Dallas and Green Bay, the two losses. Other than that, the Bears and Saints are a mess. The Eagles already felt the wrath of the Osi. Seattle just had their home field bubble burst by those Saints, Arizona is never to be taken seriously. Ditto for Detroit. The Giants have beaten Washington. Vinny Testaverde is the Carolina QB. The Giants are as good as anyone in the NFC right now. Crazy season.

Eli had made the spectacularly stupid mistake a few times, but he’s also been smart enough to put the ball in Plaxico’s hands and let him run. For all of the Randy Moss hype, Plax is having just as good of a season, on a much much much weaker offense. The Giants need to handle business tonight, then the respect shall come. Dallas is not unbeatable. The Bills blew it, and if they had a decent passing game it would have been ugly. The Cowboys can not stop the pass, and that is what the Giants will give to them over and over in the rematch which could decide the division champion, as crazy as that sounds.

They have shown a fear of their own success in the past. MUST BEAT ATLANTA!!!