New York Giants: The best in the NFC

Opening night was a disaster with Eli Manning, Brandon Jacobs, and Osi Umenyiora all getting hurt. The defense was pathetic. the offense put up points, but it was too little too late. Then came the loss to Green Bay, where the defense was even worse. At 0-2, the Giants were headed towards 2-14 and the demise of Tom Coughlin. How quickly things change. Trailing Washington at the half in week 3, the Giants started to play defense, and it’s a new day now.

The Dallas Cowboys are hanging their 10 gallon hat on false bravado.  They were lucky to beat Buffalo, and then were whipped in public and humiliating fashion by New England. It is their turn to be laughed at now. The Gmen are on the rise.

amd_plaxico.jpgEli is playing like a franchise QB.  Sure, he takes too many risks and those become picks, but his leadership is growing. Plaxico Burress is off to an historic start.

The Falcons were clearly over-matched, even at home, even on Monday night. Unlike last season, the Giants did not play down to the level of their inferior competition.

NFC… watch out. The schedule is favorable. The infighting and back biting is no longer in place. Michael Strahan can segue into his next career, posing for ESPN cameras in his suit after the game. There are players, young players, on that field who care about this team right now. Eli, Ross, Jacobs, Osi. It is simply amazing how rapid the turnaround has been.

Coughlin could have lost his grip on the team. Right now he is coach of the year. Four straight wins with his job on the line. Impressive.