Bigger than Big Ben, Giants going to England

Not exactly Montana-Simms-Craig-Lott-LT etc. the Giants handled their business, winning with another big day from the big D. OSI has been amazing. The resurgence of the defense has been just unbelievable. Brandon Jacobs is running hard, and it’s not all about Eli Manning which is great! The Giants play in a cold weather place, if the weather ever gets cold again. So the Giants now have an AMAZING 5 game winning streak. They are not the New England Patriots, but…

big-ben.jpgDallas is a paper champion. Don’t believe this grown up T.O. stuff. Don’t believe this Romo as the second coming stuff. The division can be had. The Giants are headed to London to face the Dolphins in an NFL marketing bonanza, but it’s also a business trip. The good news is that for the third week in a row, the Giants get to beat up on a bad team. Atlanta, Frisco, now the HORRIBLE Dolphins. We’re talking historically pathetic. Should mean a 6 game winning streak. The Giants only have to win 3 or 4 more games and they are definitely in the playoffs.

Detroit, Minnesota, and Buffalo should be Ws. Preseason expectations were 5-11 at best. Things done changed people. This is a playoff year. Thanks to the overhyped Tiki Barber for giving them motiviation to prove they don’t need him. The Giants are a unified TEAM! And nobody is watching Tiki the snitch talk about himself and cry about how irrelevant he is. OSI might be defensive player of the year. Now that is a superstar who does his job.

Look out NFC, the Giants are heading back to the playoffs. Chicago you got your last minute reprieve, and made it sweeter by doing it to Philly. Things are looking as good as they can.

In the pat that has been a set-up for failure. Maybe the Dolphins game will be the frustrating and humiliating upset loss that turns the season back towards the way we thought it would be.

But for now, the Giants ARE NOT who we thought they were! And that, is a beautiful thing.