Big Blue goes back to work

Time to get back to workAfter a few days of rest, relaxation, and basking in the glow of their improbable ascent to the NFC Championship, the Giants finally get back to work today and begin a few days of practice before they fly down to Phoenix on Sunday.

Of course, the two weeks off between the conference championship games and the Super Bowl have been a bone of contention for a number of years, with some teams taking advantage of the layoff and others not knowing how to handle it. As a fan, I would rather play the game the following week after the AFC/NFC title games, but the two weeks allows for the media to build the game up to a fever pitch, although this particular matchup–an undefeated juggernaut versus a Cinderella story–really needs no introduction.

In any case, the Giants get back to work today and one would expect Coach Coughlin to work his players hard for the next few days and get them focused on the task at hand. Keep in mind that they have to fly to Phoenix (a 4+ hour flight) and they have the big Media Day next Tuesday where there is no practice for both teams, so they need to get moving on a game plan as soon as possible.

There will be much more time for analysis of the game in the next few days, but I would expect the coaching staff to focus on the offensive line play for the next few days. The line has been banged up in the last few weeks, and they need to get healthy and in sync to compete against a Patriots defensive line that has shown some wear and tear in the last few weeks, but you know that their head coach is looking at ways to counteract any weaknesses and make it difficult for the Jints.