Phil Simms offers Jeremy Shockey advice on how to deal with being out of the Big Game

Simms knows how Shockey feelsJeremy Shockey has certainly been a center of controversy ever since he’s been a Giant, and the fact that he’s been out of the lineup for the last few weeks with a broken leg, and will not be able to play on Sunday, has been on the mind of a former Giant player who went through the same thing during Super Bowl XXV against the Bills.

Phil Simms commented the other day about the various emotions he went through when he suffered a broken foot in Week 15 in 1990 (ironically against the Bills) and ended up missing the rest of the season, including the playoffs and Super Bowl.

Simms says that he can understand Shockey feeling depressed and upset about not being part of his team’s magical run, and that the fans have been increasingly saying that the team is better off without him. Simms advises Shockey to go to the game, be proud of your team, and support them in their efforts to win.

What Simms said is so true. Yes, Shockey can be a knucklehead at times (a LOT of times), but he does play with a passion and a fire that his teammates have emulated. If Big Blue wins on Sunday, he can rest assured that he did a lot to help his team get where they are. Whatever happens moving forward is going to happen, but he should just enjoy the moment.