So what does Big Blue have to do to win this game?

tomcoughlin1.jpgIt’s now Thursday, and we can pretty much surmise that both the Giants and the Patriots are putting their game plans in place for this Sunday’s game. This is when things start getting really serious and we’ll see the talk die down and the strategizing begin.

With the Giants being the decided underdog, it’s going to be up to the coaching staff to come up with a scheme to beat the Pats. Obviously, it would help if Tom Brady throws a few interceptions and the Giants block a punt or return a kick for a touchdown, but we have to be realistic and assume that the Pats are going to play at a very high level. The key is that Big Blue has to at least match them in effort and execution in order to keep it close and (hopefully) put themselves in a position to win.

Newsday columnist Bob Glauber has come up with a five-point plan for the Giants that, if they follow it, will insure their victory over the Patriots. I won’t rehash all of them here, but I thought number 4 (FIND ELLIS HOBBS AND THROW HIS WAY: AGAIN & AGAIN & AGAIN) was interesting. Many of us have been so impressed with the Pats offense this season forget that their defense has not been that impressive. You can move the ball on them, but you have to score in order to put pressure on the Pat offense to match you.

In this case, Glauber feels that Patriots cornerback Ellis Hobbs can be beaten, especially if he’s lined up against Plaxico Burress in certain situations. Eli Manning has to get in rhythym early, and it might be worth it to take a shot deep with Plaxico against Hobbs early on in the game.

It’s going to be a tall order, but Coach Coughlin is surely working with his staff to come up with the plan that will bring them the ultimate glory.