Dead calm

header_logo.jpgThe Saturday before the Super Bowl is usually very quiet, except for the odd arrest or misadventure of a key player the night before the big game. (Remember Stanley Wilson of the Bengals?)

Anyway, the teams are having their final practices today, which should be nothing more than a walk-through and some final film sessions. Obviously, the coaching staff has a lot to do, including how to stop Randy Moss, and wondering if Plaxico Burress will be healthy enough to be a threat to the Patriot secondary.

The teams will pretty much be sequestered tonight right up until they get to the stadium tomorrow, so we won’t be hearing or seeing anything that will be of interest until the endless pregame show starts. If you’re a fan, Phoenix ought to be hopping tonight–I’ve been there many times over the years, and the nightlife is pretty exciting, especially in the bars and clubs in the downtown Arizona Center and along Scottsdale Road.

So, it’s time for all of us to get a good night’s sleep tonight, because tomorrow will be a historic day. Either an undefeated team reaches the pinnacle of achievement and will be considered the greatest football team of all time, or an a team given little chance to win, much less compete in the game of all games, pulls of a miracle upset.

It ought to be fun, but exhausting.