A win for the ages

Eli Mannning, Super Bowl XLII MVPI’m still at a loss to describe my feelings after watching one of the most unbelievable finishes in sports history. Simply put, the Giants made history in Super Bowl XLII, and we are all fortunate enough to have witnessed it.

There’s no need here to rehash the entire game, but I will say this–never again should we pay any credence to so-called “experts” who spend their time telling us why they are so much smarter than everyone else and that because they believe that one team is so far superior to another that our own opinions should not even count. To them I say, “Shut the hell up!”

I am obviously thrilled that my prediction of a close Pats victory was wrong. The Giant defensive line, especially Michael Strahan, who played like a man possessed, was incredible. Their play will no doubt influence other NFL teams to focus on improving their pass rush in order to contain high-powered offenses like the Patriots. I also think Tom Brady was hurting much more than he will ever admit, but because he is a class act, he’ll never use injury as an excuse.

What I really enjoyed was looking at Bill Belichick’s shell-shocked expression. He is so smug and so arrogant that this is his ultimate comeuppance, and I sincerely believe the Pats will not recover from this loss for a very long time. Perfection has it’s price, and the Pats paid it big time.

As for Big Blue, what can you say? Eli Manning now must be ranked as one of the elite quarterbacks of the NFL–his last five games have been storybook-like, and his pass to David Tyree after escaping the Pats’ pass rush late in the game will be a play that will be on highlight reels for decades to come.

There’ll be time in the next few days and weeks when we’ll be able to reflect on what we’ve just witnessed. For the time being, Giant fans everywhere deserve the chance to rejoice and revel in their team’s victory. It definitely was one for the ages.