Tiki picks the Giants

tiki.jpgOn their Sirius Satellite Radio show last night, “The Barber Shop,” Ronde and Tiki Barber discussed the Super Bowl for a bit and Ronde asked his twin brother how he feels about his old team making the Super Bowl the season after he retired.

According to Tiki, he his happy for his old team and mentioned teammates Michael Strahan (of which he had a well-publicized feud a few years ago) and Amani Toomer, and also said he was still quite friendly with owners Jon Tisch and John Mara. He even went as far as to say that the Giants coaching staff “outcoached” their opponents, though he did not mention Tom Coughlin by name.

Of course, Tiki has not exactly endeared himself to Giant fans over the past year and change–his retirement announcement was incredibly self-indulgent and his criticisms of Eli Manning and Tom Coughlin were more sour grapes than anything else. He also said on his radio show that he was picking the Giants to win the Super Bowl, which is really more of him jumping on the bandwagon than through serious analysis.

It might be better for Tiki Barber to lay low during the next couple of weeks. There’s too much going on for anyone to pay attention to what he has to say.

Giants beat Dolphins. Badly.

Everyone is so worried about overconfidence and overlooking the underdog. Eh. The Dolphins suck. That is a proven fact. Their fans are not optimistic. Best aspect of the forthcoming game is the trip to London. The football part is not exciting at all. The GMen are going to destroy the fishes. Ronnie Brown is out for the year. Not to get too cocky, but let’s be cocky. This is 49-0 waiting to happen. Predicted stats if you keep reading.

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Bigger than Big Ben, Giants going to England

Not exactly Montana-Simms-Craig-Lott-LT etc. the Giants handled their business, winning with another big day from the big D. OSI has been amazing. The resurgence of the defense has been just unbelievable. Brandon Jacobs is running hard, and it’s not all about Eli Manning which is great! The Giants play in a cold weather place, if the weather ever gets cold again. So the Giants now have an AMAZING 5 game winning streak. They are not the New England Patriots, but…

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New York Giants: The best in the NFC

Opening night was a disaster with Eli Manning, Brandon Jacobs, and Osi Umenyiora all getting hurt. The defense was pathetic. the offense put up points, but it was too little too late. Then came the loss to Green Bay, where the defense was even worse. At 0-2, the Giants were headed towards 2-14 and the demise of Tom Coughlin. How quickly things change. Trailing Washington at the half in week 3, the Giants started to play defense, and it’s a new day now. Continue Reading

Giants on the brink of NFC superiority?

This season is a weird one so far. Last weekend, the Giants played poorly in the first half before turning it on against the Jets, getting a big play from Plaxico, some help from the defense, and finally a 3 game winning streak after the season appeared to be spiraling down the drain. Ever since halftime in week 3 vs. Washington, the Giants have been arguable the best team in the NFC. Arguably! Heading into their Monday Night Football showdown against the feisty (like a dog) yet Vick-less Falcons, and in the wake of the Cowboys home turf humiliation at the hands of the mighty mighty Patriots, the question must be raised.

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Osi Umenyiora, king of sacks

A few weeks ago I titled a post “Worst Defense in the League.” Sunday night, they were the opposite. Sack happy, setting records, embarrassing the Eagles offensive line. As they should. As they should.

Osi Umenyiora was, dare I say GODlike racking up SIX sacks. The team had 12 in an easy 16-3 win over an Eagles team crippled with injuries. Philadelphia had so many injuries, it’s hard to know what to think about where the Giants stand as a team. These are the hard facts of the bigger picture.

1) Dallas is going to win the East. The Boys are a beast and clearly are the team to beat in the NFC. So the Giants are playing for a wild card spot.

2) The only other teams in the conference worthy of any respect are Green Bay and Seattle. It’s crazy to say this after the way the season started, but the Giants could very well be the 4th best team in the NFC.

3) The NFC sucks. This is a good thing.

4)Tom Coughlin might be saving his job. This could be a bad thing.

The Giants are 2-2, and if you could handpick any two teams for them to beat so far, it would probably be Washington and Philadelphia. The season is strangely going well now. Very strange indeed.

Goal Line Stand!

Things have improved dramatically. The worst defense in the league rose to the challenge of stopping another team, and with an assist from the Washington Redskins inexperienced signal caller Jason Campbell (and perhaps some confusing writing on page 684 of offensive coordinator Al Saunders’s playbook) the Giants survived and won a game. The 0-16 nightmare has been averted.

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Worst defense in the league

There were big numbers in the NFL early games. Carson Palmer threw for 401 yards and 6 TDs in a loss. Marc Bulger, Derek Anderson, Jake Delhomme all had huge days passing. They must have carved up some bad defenses. Imagine if they faced the Giants.

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Things the NY Giants can improve on: DEFENSE, health

Well, the first game was pretty bad. Sure the Giants mounted a comeback, but that was only the quick strike offense and one adjustment on defense that was hours too late. The defense was pathetically embarrassing and Tony Romo had his way finding any receiver any time. Great comeback attempt by the offense, with the defense pitching in one time by actually having Gibril Wilson stay in the middle of the field for the easy interception, but overall it was like running uphill chasing something you will never have. Horrible loss.

Eli Manning was great, leading the comeback and throwing for 312 yards with 4 TDs. He hurt his shoulder on a botched 2-point conversion but he hung in there and threw another TD. The defense was so bad it wouldn’t matter if Eli went back out there. Other backbreaking injuries include: Brandon Jacobs, Osi Umenyiora, well… you could say that the three most vital pieces of the team were all injured in week 1. That is what you call a catastrophic beginning. Congrats to Wade Phillips and the Boys.

Here is a rant full of frustration. We all feel the same way. Rough beginning.