Game 1: at Dallas preview

The Redskins won a close one against Miami in OT, the Eagles went down in glorious beautiful flames against the Packers. If only it happened in Philadelphia so that the masses would have rained down their “loyalty” upon J.R. Reid.

The Giants now have a chance to get off on the right foot and begin the season in first place. Tiki Barber will continue to pitch his gossipy diary on NBC before the game, but his opinions are irrelevant. BRANDON JACOBS is the running back of the present and future.  Be Afraid NFL. Be very afraid.

While the Giants have an offseason of turmoil, Strahan may not even resemble the player he was, Eli Manning is a question mark as a leader, Plaxico Burress was staying awfully quiet for a guy that whines all the time, Jeremy Shockey’s hand turned purple, etc. Tom Coughlin is feeling the strain. It’s finally time to play football.

The Boys have been reveling in the never-ending hype machine swirling around a QB that can’t even contain his nerves on a simple field goal. You forget that T.O. is supposed to be their team celebrity. Wade Phillips is the coach, no more waxing poetic on the great Tuna who has failed to win championships at every post-Giants stop of his career.

In a few hours, we look forward to finding out what the 2007 Giants are. Underachievers? Hopefully not. How will Eli lead? Will it even matter. A first place tie is at stake. The Eagles are 0-1, and the Skins aren’t expected to do much. This game could – not to oversell – but determine superiority in the NFC East going forward this season.

Heading into Texas, the Boys have to be favored. They have the darling QB, the Hall of Fame (talent and stats not brains) receiver, solid running game, studs on defense like Damarcus Ware and Roy Williams. On paper and computer screens and TVs they are the better team. Giants are the underdog. Talented? Sure. But you never know. They usually play well when challenged to prove themselves, except for all of those times when they quit and didn’t care to show any pride last year. It’s hard to tell with them. Tonight is big.


NY Giants definitive season preview

The 2007 Giants descent towards rebuilding begins in earnest this Sunday night on national TV in Dallas against the hated Cowboys. But first, a very brief season preview. These are one man’s pre-judgments. Things can change, injuries and emerging youths across the league. But for now, here is what we are looking at:

1     Sun, Sep 9     at Dallas     LOSS
2     Sun, Sep 16     Green Bay  WIN
3     Sun, Sep 23     at Washington LOSS

4     Sun, Sep 30     Philadelphia  LOSS

5     Sun, Oct 7     NY Jets LOSS
6     Mon, Oct 15     at Atlanta WIN

7     Sun, Oct 21     San Francisco LOSS

8     Sun, Oct 28     at Miami WIN
10     Sun, Nov 11     Dallas LOSS
11     Sun, Nov 18     at Detroit LOSS
12     Sun, Nov 25     Minnesota WIN
13     Sun, Dec 2     at Chicago LOSS
14     Sun, Dec 9     at Philadelphia LOSS
15     Sun, Dec 16     Washington WIN
16     Sun, Dec 23     at Buffalo WIN
17     Sat, Dec 29     New England LOSS

I count six wins that should be in the bag. Anything better than that, and it’s a “good” season. Although a good season would save Tom Coughlin’s job, and thereby set the team back years and years and years. This blog is new, and not read by many yet but once it gets out there, feel free to comment with your own picks for the season.

Tiki Barber vs. Tom Coughlin: the neverending story

Tiki Barber was a great Giant. He was not expected to become a 1,500 yard rusher in the NFL, yet his career ended with an amazing upsurge. If you look at his numbers, he was always above average, but the final three years he broke that 1,500 yard barrier and found himself in the elite category reserved for hall of fame caliber backs.

You might also notice his fumbles miraculously started to appear with less frequency. What could have changed for him? Oh yeah his new coach Tom Coughlin enforced the importance of securing the football.

Today the news has come out that Tiki will throw Coughlin under the bus in his new tell all, as is his right. It has always been tough to deal with the double-edged sword of Tiki the player vs. Tiki the person. Always putting his own mouth before the team. Now he’s a public mouthpiece and he’s still talking about the team.

So here is the salvo from Tiki

“If Tom Coughlin had not remained as head coach of the Giants, I might still be in a Giants uniform … [Coughlin] robbed me of what had been one of the most important things I had in my life, which was the joy I felt playing football. I had lost that. He had taken it away.”

Tiki, thanks for the memories. Sorry your joy and sunbeams of nature are gone. STOP TALKING ABOUT OUR TEAM!!! It’s not yours anymore. You quit.

Even Page Six predicts failure for the New York Giants

The Mara family, owners of the Giants, and considered to be NFL royalty have been going through some tough times lately. When the NYPost and Page Six get involved, it’s usually not a good thing. But the real gem of the story is this writing from a person who you’d think is more used to writing about Lindsay Lohan’s latest drunken escapade than sports information:

Wellington, who was 89, was survived by 11 children and 40 grandchildren, some of whom have been as troubled as the clan’s lackluster NFL squad, which is expected to struggle this season.

Expectations are low. Very low. Usually the only Giants action in the gossip pages are when Jeremy Shockey is out on the town or Eli Manning is looking for paid companionship. Oh well, at least Tiki’s not involved.

The ghosts of the NY Giants 2006 season

Where to begin? I’ll start with the night everything changed for the Giants franchise. November 12, 2006.

The 2006 Giants, coming off a degrading January playoff home loss where they didn’t bother to suit up and play, had answered all of their big game questions so far. Nearly winning the wildy overhyped Manning bowl, a game for the ages against hated rival Philly, beating the potentially playoff caliber Falcons in Atlanta, the ready to implode Cowboys in Dallas on a Monday night that sent Drew Bledsoe to the bench and ushered in the first awkward moments of what would become Romomania, and then a few taking care of business victories over lesser opponents. The only unsightly blemish on the schedule until that cold November night was an ugly blowout loss in Seattle to the Seahawks, which was covered up by some garbage time points.

Heading into NBC’s Sunday Night Football showcase, the Giants were a cocky bunch, ready to welcome the Chicago Bears with utmost hostility.

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